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Basic conversational 2- Start talking from class 1

- Get 8 1-hour live online classes with La Karencita (Professional teacher)
- Get 8 30 minutes of live online conversation classes with a native speaker to put into practice what you've learned
- Practice with your teacher between classes through a platform! (They will always get back to you)
(Only conversation sessions to put into practice what you learned with a person that only speaks Spanish)


All this for $77/month for 2 months

But it's not only online classes, this course includes lots of material for in-between classes so that you can prepare for each lesson and make sure that you don't forget what you have learned.

This course is for people with very basic Spanish. We'll be going over simple phrases at a slow and steady pace. This is for people who know some Spanish but they want to put into practice what they know and learn more. Once you sign up, I'll be providing material so you start studying and get ready for our online class. I will be giving you the link to connect to Google classroom too. It's there where we'll have our classes.

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