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Upcoming courses

Get speaking Spanish confidently with my specially-designed course for boosting your fluency!

Start from scratch

If you don't know any Spanish and you want to start learning the very basics, click below to sign up for my elementary course.

Already know the basics?

If you already know the basics and you want to improve your Spanish speaking, find the perfect level for you. Book a 10 minute call so that I can assess your level and recommend the class to fit your specific needs.

Count me in!

Thrive in Spanish has 6 levels. If you take the first 3 levels, You'll have the basics to have a real conversation in Spanish. Before booking, make sure to answer my quiz so you'll know your level!

Fluency training levels: Chingones.

You can speak Spanish, but you want to talk about more interesting topics fluently instead of just ordering food and talking about your hobbies.

Who is this for?

My courses are specially designed for people who want to visit Mexico or live in Mexico. It's 100% focused on speaking to help you improve your fluency so that you can communicate confidently in Mexico.

You'll get:

  • 1 weekly 1.15-hour live video class with a native teacher, in small groups of 4 student

  • 1 weekly live conversation class with a native Speaker who only speaks Spanish. (Not all the levels offer this option).

  • Online study group to ask questions and practice outside of class time - I'll be checking to help out.

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